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Mary Shrier-Chinn

PositionYoga Instructor
"I completed my teacher training spring 2013, under the guidance of Nancy Ruby. I’m a new teacher and eager to empower others through the transformative power of Yoga. The teachers that have most inspired me, so far, have been Jamie Allison, a highly respected Anusara Yoga teacher in Colorado; Nancy Ruby of Yoga Motion from Bozeman Montana; and our very own Meg McCraken, founder of Simple Yoga Montana, Hamilton."
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In Mary’s Words

Mary Shrier-Chinn Yoga Instructor demonstrating reverse warrior yoga pose.“I was drawn to yoga over 7 years ago while seeking to relieve chronic low back pain due to a lifetime of hard physical work and play. I quickly discovered that Yoga not only improved my back conditions, but my consistent practice has also given me lasting relief. More importantly, I discovered Yoga as a spiritual practice and a means for finding purpose and direction in my life. Inspired by this I decided to dedicate myself to guide others to greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being through Yoga.”