Event Detail

Co-Led by Meg McCraken and Jennifer Lane, DBA Avahana Yoga for Advanced Teacher Training
at Simple Yoga

Days/Times of Training: TBD

The training has been post-poned and a date will be determined soon! Thank you for your patience!

Deposit – $500 to reserve your space in the training
In addition to the deposit:
Early Bird – $1000 if Paid in Full by July 1st (for a total of $1500)
Regular Rate – $1250 after July 1st  (for a total of $1750)

The science of Yoga holds the potential to guide every individual into an integrated state of well-being. In this 2-week course, we will explore how to empower one to remember their wholeness and integrate that wisdom into every layer of their being, thus promoting true healing. Mapping the anatomy of the subtle body will reveal powerful, yet simple, tools that can help us navigate the terrain from dis-ease to ease no matter what the condition. In this way, we learn to empower ourselves and others to return to and sustain a state of optimal wellness.

In this 100-HR intensive, you will gain the tools you need to support yourself and your students/clients to live healthy, vibrant lives.

  • Re-define the paradigm of therapeutics through the lens of yoga and the maps of the subtle body. In this way we broaden our view to reflect the hidden wholeness in all beings and move beyond the typical clinical model of brokenness and into the empowering model of integration, harmony and true potential.
  • Refine your eye to be able to to truly see and understand disintegrating patterns in the body/mind and their source.
  • Tone your ears to hear what’s going on in the subtle body within a story of “symptoms, injury and disease”. In this way, you can begin to understand the bigger picture of imbalance,and balance in a body, mind, life and spirit.
  • Learn the subtle body anatomy, physiology and neurology of many predominant health concerns. We will primarily look at disease through the lens of the the gunas, the 5 elements, the koshas, the vayus and the doshas. (all different aspects of the subtle body)
  • How the anatomy of emotions and how they effect the physical and mental bodies
  • Pack your toolbox with the necessary tools to help all different types of individuals find their way back into their own unique optimal alignment and wellness.  We will dive into somatic movement, therapeutic asana, functional movement, adjustments, pranayama, distinct meditation practices (including specific mantras and mudras) and lifestyle adjustments, etc.
  • Get a clear understanding on how to craft both healing private and group practices with effective sequences for a wide variety of populations and different types of health concerns.

Each day will include:

  • at least one juicy, healing, full-spectrum yoga practice,
  • dynamic and engaging group discussions on the philosophies of yoga and how the “proof” that modern science/research is finding of the effectiveness of these practices,

many opportunities to connect and work with a community of diverse individuals and form meaningful relationships and friendships.

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